<strong>Are Online Auctions Worth It?</strong>

by Noel Wright

I have been around the auction business ever since I met my husband, over 30 years ago.  I’ve been to live auctions, held benefit auctions, both silent & live, and seen the industry go from steamy fair grounds’ shelters and warehouses, to exclusively online. If there…

<strong>Embracing Customer Feedback: How Reviews Shape Rasmus Auctions</strong>

by Erik Rasmus

In the fast-paced world of online auctions, trust, transparency, and customer satisfaction are paramount. For Rasmus Auctions, an established player in the auction industry, the power of customer reviews cannot be overstated. These testimonials provide an invaluable glimpse into the company’s strengths and areas for…

Introducing BidCloud: Unveiling Live Auction Magic!

by Patrick Rasmus

You may be wondering what BidCloud is. BidCloud is a live auction platform that’s changing how you shop and sell online. It lets you watch live as the seller talks about what they’re selling and why. You can even interact with the seller in real-time,…

Rasmus Auctions Attends the NAA Convention 2023

by Chris Rasmus

The Rasmus Auctions team had a great time attending the 2023 National Auction Association (NAA) Conference & Show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Some highlights include Chris Rasmus winning the President’s Award of Distinction from the NAA President Sherman Hostetter, Erik Rasmus joining the NAA Board…

New District Brewing Company Closing and Selling Brewery Equipment at Online Auction

by Erik Rasmus

New District Brewing Company in Arlington, VA is closing and selling everything from the brewery at online auction.

Rasmus Auctions I-Staff, Work When You Want, Where You Want.

by Erik Rasmus

Hiring has been an ongoing issue within every industry. Location, transportation, availability, training, and reliability are just some of the many issues that companies face today. In 2020, unemployment rates were at an all time high at 14.7%. Changes needed to happen, and fast. The…

How to Sell Returned Merchandise Online

by Chris Rasmus

With the boom of online sales came a corresponding boom of retail returns. A new marketplace of returned inventory and the wholesalers distributors and retailers that supported that inventory has emerged. Traditional outlets for the resale of retail returns include online market places like Amazon,…

Take Home a Piece of Frederick History from Shuttered Terrace Lanes Bowling Alley

by Erik Rasmus

Terrace Lanes closed back in May, but the stuff inside hasn’t gone anywhere yet. Now, they are selling almost everything at online auction from the beer signs to the bar top. The sale includes items from both the front and back of the house like…

Rasmus Auctions Attends NAA Conference &#038; Show 2022 in San Diego, CA

by Erik Rasmus

This past July, the Rasmus team traveled to the west coast for the 2022 National Auctioneers Conference & Show. This was the first event in which we took the entire staff! Both Chris and Erik Rasmus were asked to speak at the event, covering the…

Blackwater Distilling Bankruptcy Liquidation

by Marie Murphy

Blackwater Distilling in Stevensville, MD filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy and is liquidating all of their distilling equipment at online auction. Items up for sale include a 500 gallon custom built copper pot still and 6 head in-line bottle filling machine. This equipment is deal for…