Why Sell at Online Auction?

Auctions Work. Everything sells on your schedule, and you set the rules. Online auctions are low impact, easy, fast, predictable, and only the person willing to pay the most wins.

There are many benefits to selling your business, commercial, estate, or personal assets at online auction. With just a glance at our site, and our hundreds of 5-star google reviews, it's easy to see that sellers from across the country trust our online auction process.

Common seller goals include:
  • Selling Everything
  • Getting Top Dollar
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Low Impact
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Predictability
  • Highly Customizable for Complex Projects
  • Flexible and Adaptable to Match Your Changing Needs

Online auctions are a team effort between the seller, the buyer and the auction specialist. The key is to take the time to understand the problem to be solved and to prepare a unique solution to achieve the outcomes you need.

Rasmus specializes in both straightforward and complex liquidation solutions. From turn-key liquidations to self-service events we can offer you the best solution to match your goals.

As the seller, it's your responsibility to provide the stuff as advertised to the buyers, and buyers are responsible for being flexible with your auction process and picking up their items at the determined time and place.

Steps to a Successful Online Auction



Is it net sales? A clean space? Discretion? Fast clear out?

Let us know up front.



Tell us about your stuff! And tell us what you have in terms of time, restrictions, and resources.



We've got an approach to suit whatever your needs are, and you don't have to figure out what it is on your own. We will chat with you and help determine a clear path forward.



We have a specific process your sale will follow that we have honed over the last 30+ years.



Place your trust in Rasmus, the science behind online auctions, our knowledge of stuff and how to sell it, and the bidders to make your sale a success.


Our reputation for authenticity, trustworthiness and performance combined with the largest number of auctions on the east coast assures that your sale reaches its full potential. Trust in the auctioneer. Rasmus already has the trust of over 180,000 buyers, because we've been consistently providing great stuff and experiences for over 30 years. We're in this together. We make money when you make money, so rest assured that we do all we can to make sure each sale is a success.

There's a reason we do 650+ auctions a year. Because we're the best in the business.

Why Sell with Rasmus Auctions?

We Are the Real Deal

With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of 5-star reviews, you know you can trust Rasmus Auctions with your stuff. Our buyers know when they bid with us, what they see online is what they get, and our sellers know that we are credible and authentic. We have buyers that have been part of our marketplace since we were live outcry auctioneers.

We Care

We care about solving your problem, and taking the time to understand you. A great liquidation for all involved starts with a clear understanding of the seller's goals.

The details matter, and not all auctioneers are created equal. We take the time to make sure that we understand the product you have to sell AND the problem you are looking to solve to give you a customized solution.

We Have the Best Buyers

One of the biggest indicators of our success is our buyer base. At over 180,000 strong, we have spent years developing relationships with our buyers and building trust. In fact, many of our sellers are either former buyers or referrals from both buyers and sellers.

We created our own software to make the buying experience better, and that even allows us to grade our buyers. Happy buyers, means happy prices, which means happy sellers.

We Know How To Do Hard Stuff

We've been around since 1975, so we know how to do hard stuff. In fact, we love a challenge. Think your timeline is too tight? Got super specialized equipment? Everything has to be removed between 2-4 a.m.? Bring it on! We literally teach the class on online auctions in the industry.

We Have The Broadest Reach

We don't just post your sale on our site, we have a syndication network that pushes your stuff to other marketplaces through our affiliations with other auction partners, selling partners, and marketing partners. We also take the time to run sophisticated targeted marketing campaigns to promote each of our auctions. These marketing campaigns can include everything from e-mail marketing to audience retargeting, lookalike audiences based on user behavior, text marketing, social media, and Google display advertising.

We Are The Best At What We Do

We are the leaders, with none in comparison. Want to research our competitors? Good luck! We don't have any in the MidAtlantic. Based on reputation, ratings, number of sales, quality of outcome, performance, price, number of buyers, we have no competition.

Still not convinced? Just take a scroll through our thousands of current and closed auctions and look at the prices, descriptions and products, or see what our buyers and sellers have to say.

Our track record speaks for itself.

The Auction Process

1. Triage

We take a look at your stuff to see what you have.

2. Solution Recommendation

We help you choose the right way to sell with us.

3. Contract

We get everything in writing

4. Merchandising & Presentation

We get your stuff ready to sell.

5. Identification

We get photos & detailed descriptions of your stuff.

6. Go Live Online

Your auction becomes live for bidding on our marketplace.

7. Marketing

Auction promotion & marketing.

8. Buyer Preview

This isn't always required.

9. Closing & Processing

Your stuff sells to the highest bidder and payments are processed.

10. Scheduling

Buyers pickups are scheduled during the designated removal times.

11. Buyer Pickup

Buyers come pick up their stuff.

12. Reporting & Payment

Final auction stats & payment is sent.

What We Sell

The better question might be what DON'T we sell?! Not sure if we can sell what you've got?

Contact us and find out. Below are just a few things that we specialize in selling at online auction including: restaurant equipment, catering & party rentals, office equipment, fitness equipment, estates and collectibles, housewares and furniture, tools, trucks and equipment, vehicles, medical and scientific equipment, industrial, construction, retail, technology, hospitality, amusement and entertainment, and warehouse equipment and fixtures.

Choose The Best Solution For Your Business

Ways To Sell With Us

The process is very straightforward whether we do it or you do it. There are different ways that we can split up the “work” that leads up to an auction going online and the removal. This work often includes identifying items, running an on-site presale inspection, and managing the removal with our customized application.

Auction Selling Options

Click the ˅ to learn more about each online auction selling option. Still not sure which is the best fit for you? Just contact us and we will walk you through it!


Working Hours

Monday – Friday 8AM – 6PM


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