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Rasmus Auctions is a Leader in the Online Auction Community.

Rasmus Auctions Means Innovation, Value and Great stuff.

Born in 1981, Rasmus Online Auctions was founded to provide asset recovery and auction services to the business community. With the emergence of the digital revolution, Rasmus innovated an online-only solution combining the benefits of traditional liquidation techniques and the efficiency and affordability of online auctions. Today Rasmus is a market leader in internet-only event-based auctions honoring its legacy of innovation and continuing its heritage of high-quality service. Rasmus Auctions has the stuff you need at the price you set.

Everyone Has a Part to Play in Online Auctions


Rasmus Auctions promises to offer fantastic stuff for you to buy at auction and give buyers unique opportunities for great values, all while providing exemplary service to our sellers and ensuring their stuff and wishers are respected and everyone has a great experience.


Sellers have a responsibility to make their stuff available to the buyers and to be clear about their goals and objectives.


Buyers have the opportunity to get the stuff they want at the price they set, and they agree to pickup at the specified times, bid only on items they are serious about winning, and follow through on auction purchases.

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We Specialize in Commercial & Estate Assets.

Below are just a few things that we specialize in selling at online auction including: restaurant equipment, catering & party rentals, office equipment, fitness equipment, estates and collectibles, housewares and furniture, tools, trucks and equipment, vehicles, medical and scientific equipment, industrial, construction, retail, technology, hospitality, amusement and entertainment, and warehouse equipment and fixtures. Contact us to find out if we can sell what you've got (hint: the answer is probably yes!)

Get To Know Rasmus Auctions

Our Team

Chris Rasmus


Chris is a graduate of Virginia Tech, Member of the Virginia Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame, former Governor for the Auction Marketing Institute, VAA past President & Chairman, and an Instructor for the Certified Auctioneers Institute.

Patrick Rasmus

chief operating officer

Patrick is a Graduate of East Carolina University GO PIRATES!!! His hobbies include discovering new and exciting technologies and brewing his own beer to share with family and friends.

Erik Rasmus

chief strategic officer

In 1991, Erik was in the newspaper for being the youngest baby ever to attend a live auction. As of May 2014, he graduated from East Carolina University with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. Erik enjoys playing the hand pan and loves when it rains. On the weekends you'll either see him enjoying craft beers or sipping on mead.

Ron Rasmus


In 1973 Ron Rasmus bought a used office furniture warehouse and started selling closeouts. That is when R.L. Rasmus Auctioneers & Appraisers was born. He then got his auctioneer's license and went on to work with bankruptcy attorneys to build the business until he retired in 1988.

Sue Rasmus


After Ron's retirement, Sue was instrumental in partnering with Chris to take the company to the next level. Sue is an NAA, VAA & CAI Member, CEO of Auction Benefits Inc, and Specialist in Non-Profit Fundraising Development and Social Media Marketing. Prior to the auction business, Sue was a Former RN, Pediatric RN Supervisor, and Oncology Nurse,

Scott Wright

Vice president of administration

Scott has been with Rasmus since 1990. He is a graduate of CAI, a member of the Virginia Auctioneers Association and a member of the NAA. Scott loves this industry and thrives when helping his clients turn assets back into cash. He enjoys motorcycles, football & poker with his friends.

Candy Sicilia

Director of accounting

Candy grew up one of 6 children in rural MD. After working her whole life on a farm and having many different jobs she started working for her son Chris. She has been Rasmus' trusted accountant for over 30 years. She enjoys traveling with her family and watching entire seasons of TV shows.

Kathleen Rodimak

Director of administrative sales

Kathleen is the queen of customer service. With a background in sales and a love for the good life in the sun, if she's not closing deals over the phone you can find her lounging by the pool. (Sometimes she even closes deals while lounging by the pool!)

Abby Fitzgerald

Director of cloud production

Abby has been with Rasmus for over 10 years and enjoys the flexibility of working from home to be with her children. Abby is detail oriented and likes preparing auctions to go live for bidding. Her hobbies include cooking, movies, and her 4 Pembroke Corgis.

Kiki Bussey

director of customer relations

Kiki previously worked in a large corporation setting with IBM as an administrative assistant and is now happily working on Rasmus' social media team. She enjoys doing research to find new tools and solving problems and loves working from home. Kiki Loves the auction business and all of the variety of working with Rasmus.

Crystal Krauss

director of human resources

Crystal graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Merchandising Management. She then got her masters in Marketing and Special Education. Crystal previously worked as a contractor for the government and pre-school teacher, but her love for planning landed her the job of Administrative Scheduler at Rasmus.

Peggy Kendall

director of on-site sales

Peggy joined the Rasmus team seven years ago after a 33 year career in retail management. She enjoys working with our buyers and leading a great on-site team providing excellent customer service to our buyers. Peggy is a diehard Baltimore Ravens fan and enjoys going to their home games.

Tom Fitzgerald

Auction coordinator

Tom joined Rasmus 10 years ago after a long career in the automotive service industry. He heads up the VIP Moving Service with Rasmus. He enjoys helping customers. His hobbies include making BBQ, working with his dad in the sawmill, and spending time with family.

Michelle Jarvis

Administrative Accountant

Michelle graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a BA in middle school education and a masters in learning and technology. A former math teacher, Michelle now puts her math skills to work for Rasmus in the accounting department. She loves going to the beach with her family, running, shopping at Target, and her chocolate lab Beau.

Tommy Casey

Technical program manager

Tommy is currently working his way towards a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He enjoys logistical puzzles, making things work, and helping those around him.

Barry Spencer

On site coordinator

Barry is one of the most tenured employees at Rasmus. He has worked for Rasmus for the past 20 years in addition to getting his Real Estate license in MD, DC & VA as well as being a Certified Personal Trainer. You can always see Barry on the move at work never standing still and spending time with his daughter.

Kenny Weaver

Auction coordinator

Kenny was a decorated swimmer, aquatic facility operator, and manager before joining the rasmus team. He's a huge DMV sports fan and a lover of animals. His hobbies include billiards, spending time with family, cooking, and video games.Racheal is the newest & youngest member of the Rasmus team. She is the tech support and helps with all the tech needs. She is currently earning her MSW at Merrimack University.

Racheal Rodimak

Cloud Production

Racheal is the newest & youngest member of the Rasmus team. She is the tech support and helps with all the tech needs. She is currently earning her MSW at Merrimack University.

History of Rasmus Auctions

Ron Rasmus buys a used office furniture warehouse and starts selling closeouts.

Thus, R.L. Rasmus Auctioneers & Appraisers is founded. 1973

Ron Goes to Auction School

Ron Rasmus goes to Mendenhall Auction School to get his auctioneer's license. 1974

Bankruptcy Panel Established

A bankruptcy panel is established and attorneys become trustees and ask Ron to conduct bankruptcy auctions. 1975

Chris Goes to Auction School

Chris Rasmus follows in his father's footsteps and goes to Mendenhall Auction School at age 16. 1976

Rasmus Specializes in Commercial Assets


Chris Graduates Virginia Tech

Chris Rasmus graduates from Virginia Tech and joins his father's business. He quickly introduces the use of computers. 1983

Barcodes Introduced for Inventory

Rasmus begins computer retail store liquidations and introduces barcode inventory control. 1985

Fax Machines

Rasmus buys fax machines for all of their clients so they can communicate quickly and easily. 1987

Computerized Checkout

Computerized checkout is introduces for auctions making the process faster and easier. 1988

Theater-Style Auctions Begin

Rasmus does it's first theater-style auctions using digital video presentations and large TV's for gallery style auctions. 1990

Website Launches

Rasmus.com is launched. 1996

1st Online Auction

The first online auction is run. 1998

Client-Managed Auctions

Rasmus introduces the concept of seller-managed auctions. 1999

Online-Only Transition

Rasmus moves to an online-only auction model and never looks back! 2000

First $1M Auction

Rasmus does their first $1M auction with as the dot-bomb hits. 2001

Chris Starts Teaching Online Auction Course

Chris Rasmus is asked to start teaching other auctioneers in the industry his online auction methods. 2002

AssetBridge Formed

The AssetBridge network is formed to create a marketplace for likeminded auction partners. 2007

What Makes Rasmus Auctions Different

We're a marketplace.

We strive to provide the most content and the best buying and selling experience.

We understand that a marketplace is where things get sold – a restaurateur might be in the market for some unique antiques and a plumber might buy a toaster for their grandma. We don't specialize in one type of stuff because when buyers come to an auction, we want them to be able to get more with just one invoice and transaction. Not to mention there's always something new and exciting to browse!

We aren't focused on individual item prices, and we hope that everyone gets a great deal. We put the buyer first, and try to make the bidding experience as predictable as possible.

Honesty Matters

We're the real deal.

With over 30 years of experience we've seen it all.

Our buyers, sellers, and employees are real people, and we aren't just resellers. What you see is what you get and we always take the time to listen to feedback. Your input matters and we are committed to constantly innovating based on buyer and seller feedback. The best sellers are former buyers, and a large percentage of our business is based on referrals so we nurture and cherish our quality relationships with buyers, sellers, and even other auctioneers.



Working Hours

Monday – Friday 8AM – 6PM


(703) 768-9000